Dedicated to: Vivienne Wilson
Owner: Clint Wilson
Found at: Mornington, Vic. Australia [16 Apr 2017]

A variation of the Mini, the Morris 1100 proved to be a very popular and beloved car by everyone who passed by while I was photographing it.
More than four people stopped by to talk to Clint about how they learned to drive one like this, or to take pictures because the father of a friend had one, or because their parents had one.
In all cases the common denominator was that these were very comfortable cars because of the Hydrolastic suspension and are incredibly spacious due to the front wheel drive set up. This one is still a pleasure to take it for a ride.
One thing that caught my attention is that the hand brake is located between the driver's seat and the door.
Clint explained how the Australian produced 1100 was modified to meet the demands of the local market and included a front bench seat. They had to find a new position for the hand brake lever.

When Clint purchased this car it was painted in a bright green, but he has been restoring it and now it's a car that really emulates the 60s painted in Smoke Grey and Old English White. A pleasure to photograph and of course a very nice chat with Clint and Viv, who also is a model 67.

Dedicated to: Vivienne Wilson