Dedicated to: Billy Udinsky
Owner: Joe Elcham
Found at: Bellevue Hill, NSW. Australia [26 Mar 2017]

This Corvette was a hard one to find.
First of all, I haven't been able to spot one from 1967 in any of the car shows that I attended and not even the Corvette Club on Victoria had one registered. Then I found this one on sale in the internet but it was in Sydney.
As you can imagine for the result, after speaking with Joe I planned a trip, and after trying to match our schedules with the weather we catch up on a Sunday morning.
Joe was not very happy with the way the car looked, since it has been raining for weeks in Sydney but I didn't had much time to wait for the car to be detailed.
At the end you can see that this car still has all the magic of the legendary Sting Ray, which saw the last C2 models in 1967.

Dedicated to: Billy Udinsky