Hi I'm Polo Jimenez.
I started using P-O-L-O because when I moved to Australia, people got confused.
Some one even thought that my name was "Paul Law"…
Even with analogies, like:
"I'm Polo, like the shirt"
or "... as in Marco Polo without the Marco"
or "... as in Water Polo, without water"
they still get it wrong...
At least with the hyphens it looks as if I'm spelling each letter


Polo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to Melbourne in 2009.
Focused on details, his work it’s never overt.
As you’ll be able to discover, his images tell only a fraction of the story, subtlety prompting you to complete the scene with your own experience.

Polo’s previous exhibition was about Bullfighting in Mexico.
With the YEAR 67 project, he brings a tamer subject, but one that arouses as much passion in Australia as bulls do in Mexico: Cars!
Showcasing classics from the year he was born (1967), each piece was captured with a Hasselblad of the era in a medium-format diapositive. They’re all presented in light boxes designed by the author and surrounded with other contemporary items.
Most likely, you’ll find a story that connects you to one of these cars.